Вячеслав Седов wrote:

look like xml files become wrong after reading - some files is
truncated, some with extra spaces - both cases is invalid - so further
copy failed


i guess eXist report wrong size of xml files to netdrive - sometime
smaller - sometime bigger

To me, the problem appears to be that eXist is trying to return the documents in chunked form over HTTP, but some WebDAV clients don't support chunked/keep-alive protocol.  So the first chuck gets returned, then the WebDAV client moves on to the next file.

On OS/X 10.6 with two instances of eXist 1.4.1 I get:

1.  Drag and drop folder from one to other in Finder - XML files get truncated.

2.  $ cp -r /Volumes/db/myapp /Volumes/db-1/
    Copies the directory and all contents with no problem.

The strange thing is, both of these actions are using the same WebDAV client built into Finder.  But the command-line cp command can handle the chunked (if that's what it is) files whereas drag and drop in Finder cannot.  I had always thought that the GUI just called the command underneath, but I'm not inclined to believe that any more.

I keep reading that it's been tested with Finder and works.  But I'm not finding that so in the case of drag and drop.  The problem doesn't appear to be in the WebDAV implementation of Finder, just in its internal implementation of the copy command.

These have been my observations.  I'm at a loss as to why the developers have had different experiences.
Michael Westbay
Writer/System Administrator