Hey guys!

I am having some trouble with a pretty simple problem.

I got a collection in my exist DB, called BOs, that stores a few files.

Here is an example of how one of the files looks like.


            releaseID="9.5.1" versionID="0.4.1-SNAPSHOT"













First I just had another tag wrapped around everything <BO> </BO> and a really simple structure, so I was able to find the document with this query.

collection("/db/BOs/")//BO[contains(ApplicationArea/BODID, $bo-id)]

But we changed the structure of the files (now looking like the one above).

I had to get rid of the wrapping BO tag and had to use namespaces (don’t know how to handle them yet)

Now I have different types like ProcessSampleBO so my query on BO does not work anymore.  I want to be able to query all the xml files and find the one with a specific BODID and display the whole file.

Hope you get what my problem is and can help me find a solution.