On 28 Dec 2005 at 18:56, Dannes Wessels wrote:

> > Are you sure? The only link  that should be working is http://localhost:8080/exist/index.xml ...

I can now see why I quoted the launch page in error as index.html and not index.xml

go to http://exist.sourceforge.net/quickstart.html .. see here ..

2. Check if the server is running
eXist's homepage should now be available at

but .. that is a typo error on exist web site .. link should be index.xml .. not index.html


I have successfully installed exist-snapshot into c:/program files/exist and through the GUI
imported two examples into the database.

The snapshot app runs fine in Jetty .. but where is the port number defined in Jetty server so that I can try running exist(Jetty) and exist(Tomcat:8080) on different ports? 

Now shutting down Jetty and launching exist in Tomcat, the exist webapp still reports the errors in Tomcat.

One clue seems to be in error page (posted earlier) here when launching Admin via

org.xmldb.api.DatabaseManager getCollection      Unknown         Unavailable


So, to summarise my dilemma in installing latest exist  ..