Hi Wolfgang,

I posted this message a week or so ago. but I understand that you were on holiday so perhaps you missed it.  Just thought I would give it another try :-)

I am considering using Exist within a J2EE application running on JBoss. First question is, has anyone done a JBoss 3.0 integration such that Exist starts up with JBoss using a JMX MBean?

If not, I am wondering what would be the most sensible approach to embedding. I understand that Exist can run in both standalone and embedded modes. I have found very little information about the architecture of the embedded mode. Is it appropriate to start up Exist inside the JBoss VM in embedded mode and then connect to the database via multiple EJB beans? I read that embedded mode is thread safe, but does this imply that it can live safely as the backend store for beans while in embedded mode. I gather that there is not yet transaction management within Exist, so I am being rather cautious in the initial approach. btw, it would be my intention to *strickly* limit access to the database to be *only* from the EBJ beans, i.e. no exteral clients will be able to reach the database. I suspect that this will possiblely make the integration easier to achieve safely.

Your thoughts would be very appreciated.