My name is Ronak Patel, I am Graduate Student in Univerity of Southern Califonia, I am Part time Research Student at Instittue for creative Technology. I am planing to create a Databse that can be used for Natural Language Research, at ICT. I am planing to use eExit for it.
Now i have couple of question so, please reply me its answer.
1) I want to create a data base it would be good to use eExit or Xindice for it.
2) Can i use Java to create a interface that can query the database and display the result in format what i want.
3) I dont want to put one big xml file in database, there will be 100 files is it possible with exist.
4) Is there any Graphical user interface which will help me to query a xml database and display the results in html or other format which i want.
Ronak Patel

Ronakkumar P Patel
Graduate Student(Computer Science)
University of Southern California
Email: ronak_patel@ieee.org
Phone: 213 804 1146(work)

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