Feedback from UBUNTU 9.10

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-03

    What follows is a transcript of official Canonical Support, I do not pretend to understand it, I  just love using the eXe and want to use it on UNUNTU 9.10-

    "As you mentioned exelearning is a 3rd party application, and as such its packages, binaries and/or source code are maintained by the software editor themselves. We do not provide commercial support for this software.

    We suggest examining the documentation closely and asking for help from the manufacturer or its community of users.

    //Optional: Link to upstream Documentation//

    Should you encounter a bug or require more assistance, we can attempt to provide best-effort support, but given the context we can't guarantee any results or escalate any issues to our developers.

    What I did trying to reproduce the problem is downloading the package from and trying to install it. The installation failed complaining for dependence of python-zopeinterface. According to package list installed a package python-zope.interface is there. There is a bug describing the transition problem between two packages: Forcing package installation and making symbolic link to python2.6 I was able to execute the "exe" application from exelearning, but i got error, and I don't know if this was related to improper installation or it's a bug in the exelearning.

    I suppose the support of exelearning ends with Hardy 8.04 as noted on the web site, and to correct this problem you need to compile from source, or ask the maintainer of the exelearning to include support for new Ubuntu versions."

  • Jim Tittsler

    Jim Tittsler - 2010-04-03

    Their description sounds like they used an old version of eXe.  Versions r3596 and later have accommodated the bug in Ubuntu that renamed the Zope interface package.


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