• Mike Dawson

    Mike Dawson - 2010-05-25

    Hi All,

    As part of my work on OLPC Afghanistan and recognizing just how cool eXe is for creating educational content I have made:

    1. Made some new DHTML idevices mostly based on JQuery to provide some different formats (hangman game, moving object speed answer game, sort the objects, place objects, click in place according to hint, add Scratch project, etc)

    2. Modified the TinyMCE to support use of the HTML5 audio and video tag so that created content does not require the flash player.

    I was a bit confused about where code could be posted so hence created a couple additional sites: and

    Would anyone know how we can put this in the core or if maintenance is needed I would be happy to help out…



  • Jim Tittsler

    Jim Tittsler - 2010-06-01

    Great!  I'm glad to hear that you have made a lot of progress with eXe and that you've made the source of the changes available.

    It would be fantastic if the community could review your changes, and if everyone is happy with them, merge them into the core.  But just having them publicly available as you have done is an excellent step.  Thanks!

  • Michael Schaten

    Michael Schaten - 2010-06-02

    Hallo jtittsler,

    during a research project within the last semester we applied several changes to eXe to improve its accessibility and the accessibility of the learning material generated with it. We would now like to "play back" our improvements/modifications to your Open Source project, so every user of eXe can benefit from our wok. Unfortunately we used our own SVN-System and I fear that it is quite difficult to merge these versions now manually. Our work based on eXe Shall I send you the software package anyway or do you have another idea? I already wrote a mail to Brent Simpson weeks ago but did not recieve any answer yet… :(

    In addition we plan to publish our results (and the software of course as well) via our website, just like Mike Dawson did in his case.

    Best regards,

  • Jim Tittsler

    Jim Tittsler - 2010-06-02

    Yes, as long as the changes are available, I think that is the key thing.  That lets a motivated developer pick-and-choose the additional bits that they wish to add to their version of eXe.

    As for including things into the 'core' project, that is best done incrementally so that each change can be considered independently rather than "several changes" or features at once.  Admittedly svn makes that more difficult than the more modern distributed version control systems.

    But it is quite encouraging that there is a variety of development going on around the world.

  • Michael Schaten

    Michael Schaten - 2010-06-07

    So, what is your recommendation? Shall I send you the whole documented source or shall I make a list containing the modified elements so you can apply them to eXe yourself?


  • Mike Dawson

    Mike Dawson - 2010-06-08

    Hi All,

    Sorry for the time taken to get back to this.   Have made more further improvements / idevices and now putting together some documentation / getting started info as well.  Also playing with the build to try and make it build the debian package properly from the source modifications.

    There was a summit of people working with OLPC in the Virgin Islands and eXe went down very very well.  Sugarlabs has offered support for project hosting infrastructure that would include pootle for localization, git, bug tracking and all the rest as well as getting a good deal of attention from being around a lot of education related software.

    I have made some new export options so that one can now export eXe projects directly into being Sugar OLPC activities or into being XOL files for the Library on the XO Laptop / Sugar.

    I am definitely interested in continuing further development adding new idevices and features for storing the results of quizzes for transmission at a later stage to an LMS (e.g. Moodle when the students laptop returns to school).  Data driven instruction support has also been requested.

    Given that we are going to be doing quite a lot of development work on this how would we be able to get code in as quickly as possible?, I would definitely rather not fork anything.

  • Rafael Mancebo

    Rafael Mancebo - 2012-06-09

    I need to help for install to exelearning in ubuntu 12.4


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