eXe with embedded videos crashing Firefox

K Hamilton
  • K Hamilton

    K Hamilton - 2011-08-17

    Opening an elp file made a few months ago, now crashes Firefox where it has an embedded video. When trying to create a new elp file and embedding video from youtube or vimeo, it also crashes Firefox and says that exe is not responding. I am using Mac OSX 10.6.8 and Firefox 5.0.1 We are using eXe in a course and several students are reporting this problem as well.

  • Jim Tittsler

    Jim Tittsler - 2011-08-17

    Instead of using eXe's embed movie icon, use the (current) standard YouTube embed scheme.  When you are viewing a video on YouTube, click the Share button to disclose the options for sharing, and then click on the Embed button.  Copy and paste the HTML code snippet into the HTML view of any of the iDevices.

  • K Hamilton

    K Hamilton - 2011-08-18

    Unfortunately, that's not the issue. Most of the embedded video have been embedded with embed code in html. In force quit option in mac as soon as this issue happens it says eXe is not responding. I think it might be a port problem. Is it possible some addon or application is using the port allocated to eXe?  A message came up saying it could not connect to http://….

  • TomVR

    TomVR - 2012-01-23

    Having exactly the same problem, but on Windows 7 starter.
    Made a nice eXe exercise, want to edit it now. But Firefox keeps on crashing…

    Can someone please help?


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