• janekm

    janekm - 2010-05-31

    Hello, the eXe looks great. I am considering to use it for my next project. I do not understand exactly the license however. 1/Am I allowed to sell a course prepared in eXe to some company ? 2/Will that company be allowed to use the course for training and for informing of internal and/or external persons ?
    Besr regards,

  • Jim Tittsler

    Jim Tittsler - 2010-06-01

    The eXe license requires that if you make modifications to the source code of the program and distribute those modifications, you must make the source of your changes publicly available.

    You are quite welcome to use eXe as a tool to prepare commercial courses for internal or external use.

  • janekm

    janekm - 2010-06-02

    Thank you jtittsler.
    I hoped it is this way, but was not sure :)  I have been confused by the fact, that there is no word about the use of the program in the license. and I expect using a program is the main purpose of any program :)
    Best regards,


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