Setting new default text

  • Carolyn McIntosh

    As you know we are huge fans of EXE and have used it extensively in our new blended Undergraduate Midwifery Degree programme at Christchurch and Otago Polytechnics in NZ. We are a bit annoyed with the standard default font and we use Georgia size 12. Is there any way we can set this as our default font as it is annoying and time consuming to change every piece of text to this font, and of course it sometimes is missed. Appreciate your help. Many thanks, Carolyn McIntosh.

  • brent simpson

    brent simpson - 2010-04-25

    Carolyn… it is fairly easy to modify a whole existing style in eXe … although it might require a web developer to really understand what is going on. Take a look at this page for some tips:



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