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  • Ellen Kinsel

    Ellen Kinsel - 2010-05-09

    OK I feel like an idiot. I have been creating eXe content, exporting it as IMS, and importing it into Moodle for quite some time. Several months ago, I was able to add navigation to the top of the left sidebar outline that has Previous|Up|Next buttons. I cannot remember how I added this and would like to do it again. I can't find any information in the manual. Can you help?

  • janekm

    janekm - 2010-06-30

    moodle -
    udating resource (the ims content)
    navigation side menu
    was it this ?

  • Ellen Kinsel

    Ellen Kinsel - 2010-06-30

    Yes…I figured it out not long after I posted my message in early May, but I forgot to post here.

    Thanks for responding.


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