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Bug Finder article published on Code Project

A Bug Finder article has been just published on Code Project portal at http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/602794/Bug-Finder-a-real-Win32-extensible-passive-debugge .

Posted by Antonio Petricca 2013-06-06

Released 1.1.1 (Maintenance)

1.1.1 - 29/03/2012


  • Configuration wizard minor fixes
  • Configuration loading error
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Setup demo application link parameter

Other changes:

  • Recompilation with more recent compiler
  • Shared libraries upgrade (JVCL, LMD)
Posted by Antonio Petricca 2012-03-29

Released 1.1.0 with Stack Trace implementation

1.1.0 - 22/02/2008

New features:

  • Stack trace implementation
  • Added parameter PopUpOnErrors to show up GUI on exceptions
  • Configuration application update
  • Demo application update


  • Fixed non continuable exceptions handling
  • Configuration wizard minor fixes
Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-02-22

Coming soon: Exceptions Stack Trace

With the next release (1.1.0) will be released a fresh implementation for a complete stack trace.

Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-02-22

Released 1.0.0 Final

1.0.0 - 21/02/2008

New features:

  • TD32/TDS symbols provider
  • GUI icon change


  • Fixed a bug in JclTd32.FindLine method
  • Bug Finder closing when no ini file provider
Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-02-21

Coming soon: Release 1.0 plus Turbo Debugger symbols support

In a few time I'll release the first final release with a new features: the symbols provider for Borland TD32/TDS format.

Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-02-21

Released Bug Finder 0.9.0 Release Candidate

New features:

  • Configuration wizard
  • Installation setup


  • GUI enhancements
  • Code refactoring
Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-02-10

Coming soon: Full GUI and Configuration Wizard

With the next release, the 0.9.0 Release Candidate, I'll add some GUI enahancements e complete configuration wizard...

Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-02-08

Released 0.8.0 (Beta)

New features:

  • Coff/CodeView symbols format provider


  • Improvements to symbol providers interface
  • Improvements to exception providers interface
  • Providers upgrade accordingly to the above fix
  • Project tree rearrangement
  • Minor fixes
Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-02-06

Coming soon: "COFF/CodeView" symbols support

In a few days will be released the 0.8.0 Beta version with a symbols provider plug-in for COFF and CodeView symbols format deconding, useful to debug module produced by Microsoft development tools.

Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-02-05

Source code available by Subversion

Now the source code is available also by SourceForge subversion service at the URL:


Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-01-25

Released 0.7.0 Beta

0.7.0 - 23/01/2008


  • Moved suppression switches from configuration
    to logging section
  • Removed some compilation warnings
  • Decreased application size
  • Source code refactoring
  • Now during breakpoints loading does not stops
    to the first invalid entry
  • Minor fixes

New features:

  • Exception provider architecture implementation
  • Implemented Delphi exceptions provider
  • Placed an attention icon on the tray icon
    when error
    occurs. Open the log window to reset to the
    default application icon
Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-01-24

Published project documentation

Published project documentation at url https://sourceforge.net/docman/index.php?group_id=214063

Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-01-18

Released 0.6.5 Beta

Here the fixes for this release:

  • Access violation better explanation
  • Unknown exceptions better explanation
  • Fix in modules address space recognition
  • Module information extraction compatibility between NT/Win9x
  • Fix to code entry point detection
Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-01-17

Released 0.6.0 Beta


  • Breakpoints single step location find fix
  • Minor fixes

New features:

  • Symbol providers plugin architecture
  • Map Symbols files plugin implementation
Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-01-14

Released 0.5.0 Beta

Released the version 0.5.0 Beta with the following fixed and/or improvements:

  • Added parameter "LogViewLinesLimit"
  • Added parameter "LogFileName"
  • Added parameter "LogFileRotation"
  • Better exception explanation
Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-01-11

Released Beta

Released the version Beta with the following fixed and/or improvements:

  • Changed project name to BugFinder

  • Added About box

  • Change some configuration parameter name
  • Added new suppression parameters
  • Added application command line parameter
  • Changed suppression parameters default to "false"
  • Fixed bug in removing deallocated DLLs
Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-01-09

Changed project name

Abandoned the old project name "Exception Catcher" to "Bug Finder" to better describe the target of this application.

As soon as possible I'll publish the new sources with changed name and improved functionalities.

Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-01-09

Released Beta

  • Code refactoring
  • CreateProcess path parameter fix
  • Customization of the JclDebug unit to get reverse
    access to MAP file debug symbols
  • Tracing breakpoints implementation
  • Improved debug loop
  • Added option "BreakpointSourceDetailsDisable"
  • Fixed modules address detection
  • Minor GUI improvements
Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-01-08

Released Alpha

Fixed a bug in the class TModulesList.

Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-01-05

Released Alpha

Released the first alpha build of the Exception Catcher

Posted by Antonio Petricca 2008-01-05