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  • n/a

    n/a - 2004-01-23

    As a LGM Spellcrafter, I can appreciate the amount of stress this little helper relieves.  SC can easily become one of the most aggravating, tedious, and time-consuming tradeskills.  I noticed this little feature in Skilla, and decided to play around with it.  If this feature is no longer being updated, then call me dumb and disregard this message, but if it is, then I have noticed a couple of things with it.  Some of these issues might just be my stupidity, and if so, any advice is most appreciated.  I couldn't find much about it in the readme.  But if not, I'd like to bring these to attention.

    1.  The Q10 button (which I can only assume means that it will purchase 10x of the recipe ingredient requirements) seems to attempt to purchase 100x of the ingredients.  For example, using this to buy ingredients for a raw gem will buy 100 of the gem, 100 of the first component, and 100 of the second.

    2.  Somewhat related to the above note, when purchasing a large amount of ingredients (over 100, the limit of /mbuy), the purchase fails.  I can only assume that this is because the program is attempting to purchase over 100 of an ingredient, so the /mbuy limit is not checked.

    • Anonymous - 2004-01-23

      1.  Holy cow you're right.  If mutiples the material count by 10 in the buy routine AND in the "get needed materials" routine.  I'll fix that.

      2.  Ah yes, this was never updated to match when the mbuy feature was added.  The old code you could request to buy 100000000 and it would work, the new stuff limits it to 100/call.  Just an oversight.  I'll also fix that.

      Thanks for the great bug reports, and glad you like the spellcraft help.  When SC came out I was going insane with requests, I had about 5 copies of calc running, the Mythic SC page, Leladia's SC calc, a pad of paper, spellcrafting a full suit of armor with 99% gems was an all day event.  I don't know if you've noticed, but if you right click, you can save what's on the schelp screen so you can quickly switch between orders.

    • n/a

      n/a - 2004-01-24

      Yeah, I stopped doing SC orders for everyone but my alts and friends.  Was just way too much of a hassle, especially when it took upwards of 2 hours for OC sets.  Then you had to occasionally deal with the people who had no idea what SC was other than "you can put stats on items".  But yeah, the Helper should make it much less of a pain.  I did notice the save/load feature when I was madly clicking around the UI trying to fix my problem, very handy. :)  Thanks again!

      • Anonymous - 2004-01-24

        After a few weeks of being one of the top SCers on Morgan Le Fay I /webdisplay off'ed because it was sooo much of a hassle.  Gotta love those level 50s with a full set of new armor who "want umm some STR and resists and some other stuff" on it.  Let me know if you have any other problems with the SChelp dialog.  Also remember that I think the points calc is wrong sometimes and I don't know why.


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