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ExB Returns...

...Sort of!

After a 4 year hiatus, development work has begun again. We're starting from scratch, dumping Java, getting into bed with Ruby, and having lots of crazy ideas about what crazy things could happen. All for no other reason than it sounds fun.

Posted by Alex Roberts 2006-09-02

New release - SuperAlice

ExB 2.1.0, codenamed SuperAlice, has been released. Um, that's all. Check homepage for more info.

Posted by Justin Seabrook-Rocha 2002-05-04

Boredom strikes, and thus a news post

Yes, I'm very bored. Thus the reason for this post.

I've become the maintainer for the sourceforge project page and website, so I'll pretty much be the only one posting news here (on the project page).

Posts here will only be about new releases, and maybe a few other incidental items. Most main news will from now on posted only on the website (http://www.exbot.org/). So, be sure to look there for updates!... read more

Posted by Justin Seabrook-Rocha 2002-03-16

Quick update: Yet Another New Release(tm)

Hot on the heals of 0.2.1 comes 0.2.2, which fixes a nasty little private query bug, and adds Jakara Ant support, courtesy of bse.


Posted by Justin Seabrook-Rocha 2002-03-13

Oi, I need to keep up with news: New domain, new release

Oi, yes, I'm much slow over here. ;-)

Anyways, we have a new domain (exbot.org) along with the usual subdomains (irc.exbot.org, cvs.exbot.org, www.exbot.org, ftp.exbot.org) and a nifty little server for IRC. Soon we might have our own nice colocated server. (yea, right, if any of us ever gets any funds. ;-)

On the release front, we've branced out 0.2.1, yet more Alice fun. Neo and tweek (I think) are taking over development and maintinence of Alice.... read more

Posted by Justin Seabrook-Rocha 2002-03-06

Quick update: 0.2 (Alice) released

This is a quick update, so that people who don't check the home page will know about this.

Alpha v0.2 (Alice) has been released. Grab it from the downloads page.

Posted by Justin Seabrook-Rocha 2002-01-12

ExB still alive and ticking!

Yes folks, we're still here. bse is busy (or at least he should be) writing the XMLConfig stuff, so we can have nifty XML config files and auth files. Aren't we lucky?

Meanwhile, most documention is done (found at http://exb.sf.net/\), and all modules are Virtually Bug-free(tm)! (INSERT FOOT->MOUTH)

I'm assuming that once all the XML data schtuff is written up and Virtually Bug-free(tm), we'll make another public release. And remember, we are always willing to accept help and ideas!

Posted by Justin Seabrook-Rocha 2001-12-14

ExB releases 0.1!

Finally, several months worth of development and one test release later we have our first official release, and it sure is an exciting release. Lots of functionality at a low low price, but you dont need me waffling on about it, go and download the bugger for yourselves.

We hope you get as much love and enjoyment out of it as we do developing it.

Posted by Alex Roberts 2001-10-30

ExB Enters Fullscale Development

Yep, you heard it here last, I have now hacked on and moved the aswas prototype code into a fullscale module; named exb. During this various files have been relocated, to make the tree look nicer - as well as look more, er, tree like.

wataru has been busy hacking on new modules, and it seems xenith is getting in on the act.. as soon as he gets cvs working.

A release will be made soon, I suspect. But for now, enjoy the new exb cvs module.

Posted by Alex Roberts 2001-09-10

ExB First Public Release!

Here it is, finally, the first public release of ExB! The past two months of development code available for you to hack with, and play around with. This isn't the final version, mind you.

Posted by Alex Roberts 2001-08-12

ExB advances at a great rate of knots!

Yep, it's true. I feel we're nearing release status around here. Tonight full activity logging was implemented; as well as the ability to tell the bot what to say. An excellent night's coding.

If we're lucky, a release might be made this week. Woo!

Posted by Alex Roberts 2001-08-05

ExB activates logger..........

OK, so I'm writing this logger, whist beating bse off with a stick. Java is proving to be a little TOOL when it comes to file manipulation. Extimated time of completion = 3 days. (and thats because i'm not gonna do any java this weekend.)


Posted by Jamie Lovelock 2001-07-28

Documenting goings on, as per project status.

This week a proper web page went up, it's not finished, but it's better than what was there. Available at http://exb.sf.net go tell your friends.

I've been pondering a preview release for a while now, code needs a little tidying up first, and jamx has to finish his logger module. some docs might be useful too.

that's it. thanks.

Posted by Alex Roberts 2001-07-28