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Moved to http://code.google.com/p/evtmng/

see you there!

Posted by Tay Ray Chuan 2007-11-21

Releases up

Release files have been uploaded in three zips:

* source
* source + pre-built swfs
* docs

Posted by Tay Ray Chuan 2006-10-07

Basic documentation added

Added documentation for the following classes:

- org.evtmng.BaseFrame
- org.evtmng.Frame
- org.evtmng.List
- org.evtmng.Timeline
- org.evtmng.TimelineManager
- org.evtmng.events.EvtMngInfo
- org.evtmng.events.FrameListenerBroadcaster

Posted by Tay Ray Chuan 2006-10-07

Build files added

Added the Ant-related files build.xml and build.properties.

Posted by Tay Ray Chuan 2006-10-07

Implementation complete

The tests and code base has been implemented completely.

Posted by Tay Ray Chuan 2006-10-07

Resumption of development

After a year-long hiatus, I've resumed work on this project. The original code is being refactored and rewritten, and brought up-to-date with the latest best practices I've acquired since the project's inception.

Currently there are no official means of compiling and testing the code, since the code is still unstable and no fully functional.

Check here for more updates.

Posted by Tay Ray Chuan 2006-07-02