#37 Online/Offline mode switching for addressbook does not work


e-book-backend.c / e-data-book-factory.c of evolution-data-server/addressbook/libedata-book/ (EDS v2.30) of the PPA source do contain a GObject class type cast problem which prevents the evolution-kolab e_book_backend_kolab_set_mode() function from being called once the address book backend is started.

When toggling the online/oflfine mode in Evo after backend startup, the warning message is:
(e-addressbook-factory:20759): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid cast from `EDataBook' to `EBookBackend'

The relevant GDB trace is:
Breakpoint 2, e_book_backend_set_mode (backend=0x805c660,
mode=E_DATA_BOOK_MODE_REMOTE) at e-book-backend.c:734
734 in e-book-backend.c
(gdb) bt 5
#0 e_book_backend_set_mode (backend=0x805c660, mode=E_DATA_BOOK_MODE_REMOTE)
at e-book-backend.c:734
#1 0x0804a37f in set_backend_online_status (key=0x8060e50, value=0x8054210,
data=0x1) at e-data-book-factory.c:149
#2 0x008a347c in IA__g_hash_table_foreach (hash_table=0x804fec0,
func=0x804a340 <set_backend_online_status>, user_data=0x1)
at /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.24.1/glib/ghash.c:1325
#3 0x0804a28b in e_data_book_factory_set_backend_mode (factory=0x804fe30,
mode=1) at e-data-book-factory.c:167
#4 0x0804a32f in offline_state_changed_cb (eol=0x80542b0, factory=0x804fe30)
at e-data-book-factory.c:415

Symptom: The address book backend stays in the online/offline mode it initially started with


  • Christian Hilberg

    Closing since we cannot fix EDS 2.30

  • Christian Hilberg

    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix

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