#78 changing extent-size dropdown freezes gui

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I'm running the gtk1.2 evms-gui on AMD64 Ubuntu edgy. The gui locks up when I go create->container->LVM2->sda5+sdb5, and then change the extent-size with the dropdown. actually, the offending dropdown itself doesn't lock up, but the values in it are in kB, not the MB used in the dropdown entries. Sounds like some confused GUI code to me. BTW, locks up = nothing responds to clicks or keypresses, and the close button in the title bar doesn't do anything. It still redraws itself when uncovered, though. And like I said, the dropdown still "works". None of the buttons on the dialog box do anything. a ^C on the terminal I ran it from kills it just fine, and starting it again is fine too, until I try to create the container. I'll try the cli, or maybe the ncurses ui.

background: I'm running evms on Ubuntu AMD64 edgy. (but I compiled the source package from feisty to get an evms-gui 2.5.5-18ubuntu .deb, because the gtk2 gui in edgy segfaults all the time. I've made heavy use of the gtk1.2 gui while learning evms, and I haven't had any problems with it until now. I'm a command line curmudgeon, but for rare tasks I like guis, esp after reading about the evms CLI in the nice docs, so I know what the GUI has to work with. :) My system is already booting from /dev/evms/md/md0, with /usr and /home on evms LVM volumes... It took a while to get GRUB hacked into place on a RAID1 root compatibility volume. I'm getting off topic here, which is why I put the bug details up at the top.)

Creating an LVM2 container normally works fine (e.g. for a smaller LVM2 on a RAID1). sda5 is ~430GB, and sdb5 is ~270GB. (This home server is built to last, with some nice big hard drives :)

Peter Cordes <peter@cordes.ca>


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