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#9 Gesture based recentering


I would like to see an option that recenters tracking any time the head of a user gets back into a predefined position for a certain time or a freely to define key is pressed. Another way, maybe the method that's more convenient, to access this function could be to rapidly nod (this needs to work even if y-movement is set to zero and the amount of movement should not be too big, which make sense for disabled people). In order to make this usable in first-person computer games it is necessary that the cursor is not moved back but set directly if possible, because otherwise the player's view would change as well. I think it would make gaming with relative mouse positioning easier.


  • Cesar Mauri-Loba

    Supporting gaming could be great even for some people with disabilities, either as a complement or as a replacement of traditional input devices.

    Absolutely tracking the users' face is not implemented yet and before that we need to add face localization (which in turn can improve relative tracking accuracy and allow to implement your first request). I've added a new feature request, see [1] for details.

    The key option would be an interesting feature (beyond gaming might be useful for training purposes), so that I've added another specific feature request [2] (BTW, for linux platforms a key press detection it is already implemented to enable/disable eViacam).

    Finally, the nod option might need some testing to see whether it introduces too much delay (i.e. to tell a regular movement from a nod). If this works it can extended to support other actions.


  • Cesar Mauri-Loba

    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • georgn

    georgn - 2010-09-16

    maybe a future nod/gesture function can be implemented easier if you do not track what the face/object does but what happens with the mouse arrow?

  • Cesar Mauri-Loba

    Since version 1.5 and for GNU/Linux platforms, a key can be freely configured to centre the pointer.

  • Cesar Mauri-Loba

    • group: --> general
    • milestone: --> someday
  • Cesar Mauri-Loba

    • summary: game mode recentering --> Gesture based recentering
  • Cesar Mauri-Loba

    I've renamed the ticket from "game mode recentering" to "Gesture based recentering" to stress that this request is only for a gesture based recognition to do recentering (or whatever). As I feel this topic needs more discussion I leave it open.

    A key-based recentering option (already available on linux) is requested here:

    21 Add hotkeys to Windows version


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