how do map head movement to mouse movement?

  • austin payne

    austin payne - 2012-04-21

    i'm making an eye gaze tracking based HCI system, in Python, and i'm successfully able to track the pupil center of the user. But so far, i haven't been that successful with linear mapping of pupil center co-ordinates (in the eye image) to screen co-ordinates by scaling them using ratios of screen width to gaze width (10-14 pixels)

    your mouse movement is very smooth when the head moves - so basically as the head moves, the mouse moves

    I also want to do the same but with my moving pupil - and i have time till April 30 to complete it, its a final year project.
    Please help!

  • Cesar Mauri-Loba

    The key is the accuracy of the tracking system. If accurate enough you will able to scale the source data to the destination (i.e. screen pixels) and obtain a smooth motion. Note that if pupil coordinates are integers and you use an absolute mapping, scaling them by a factor of 10x or 14x result in a coarse grid of possible locations. Note also that eViacam uses a relative mapping which I don't know if could be used with an eye tracker. Good luck!


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