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Uzair Asad
  • Uzair Asad

    Uzair Asad - 2013-03-25

    Hello everyone!

    I'd like to help out on this awesome project. I'm a graphics designer/web developer. I've tried eViacam myself on Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04 (couldn't get it to run on Ubuntu 13.04 cause of dependency issues) and it's works quite well! However, I think the interface/icons may put people off or make it seem like an old project.

    I've made a new logo and icon for eViacam by myself. It's basically a webcam with an "e" and a cursor on it. You can find the logo 512x512 png, the ico file and icns file in the directory below:

    I like it so far but I'm open to suggestions! I'll work on making a new icon set for the main window buttons next then I'll try making a set for the mouse buttons topbar. I couldn't get the sources to compile so I'll just have to wait or photoshop it to see how it looks.

    I'll also make a new eViacam project website design in the next few days. I hope my work can make it's way into the project and help get more users and developers attention. If my work is used, I request to be added as "Uzair Asad" in the credits. Good day everyone! :)


    Edit 1:

    Finally made a complete vector version of the logo. The finished logo (and polished old logo) vectors, svg, png, ico files are all available in the link below:

    Complete zip file of completed logo folder:


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  • georgn

    georgn - 2013-03-27

    I like the icon a lot.

  • Cesar Mauri-Loba

    Thanks Uzair!

    The logo looks nice. Just a few questions:

    • Why is the e in green? Is there any specific reason?
    • How do you think we could perform a smooth transition from the old logo (already known by many users) to the new one (which is completely different) apart from announcing it? Perhaps adding both in the website for certain period of time?

    Good job. Please go ahead.

    BTW: building eViacam on linux is easier than on Windows

  • Uzair Asad

    Uzair Asad - 2013-03-30

    Hi Cesar, I'm glad you like it. I did actually do the logo in red first but it I didn't think it worked well with the webcam icon since the green could go with the glass lens color of the webcam. I'll make another version in red and try to make it fit better and then we can choose since the red would make the logo more prominent.

    To make a smooth transition, I think posting both logos on the website for a few months is definitely a good idea. The old logo could be made slightly smaller compared to the new logo and something like "previously" written before it. I have got a bit of free time this weekend so I will try making a website design (I'm thinking of keep it very simple, perhaps just white, red/green and black with an easily readable font)

    I've made a mockup of the main window icons below:

    I should have all the icons done sometime today, including the mouse buttons topbar icons. Do let me know what you think of them. (Notice that there is a 2 pixel white border on each icon so it would look good on a white/black gtk theme) I'll try building on Ubuntu, cheers!

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  • Uzair Asad

    Uzair Asad - 2013-03-30

    Here is slightly retouched (less gradiants and brighter) version of the new logo in red and green:

    They both look equally good to me, so I'll let you decide! Keep in mind that the accent color of the website design should match the logo you choose - so red logo means red accent with white background and black text and green logo means green accent with white background and black text. At least thats what I have in mind for now.

    I don't think it will matter too much which one we choose since I will make a retouched version of the old logo as well to put on the website so previous users recognize it easily.

    I'm done with the most of the icons, just the icons for the click window left then I'll share them on the forum here!

    Edit 1: Check out the eviacam_old_touch.png in the link above, it is a new version of the old logo :)

    Edit 2: Just letting you know that I'm waiting till we choose the logo color since I want to use a matching accent color on the click window icons, which are practically done.

    Edit 3: Made the website design. It's responsive (resize your browser window smaller and smaller and you'll see what happens) and based on Foundation 4 by ZURB. Check it out below and let me know what you think:

    (Remember it's still work-in-progess!)

    Last edit: Uzair Asad 2013-04-01
  • Cesar Mauri-Loba

    I'm back from holidays.

    I prefer the red version (although the green one also looks great) and I really love the new icons in the toolbar. Great!

    • Will it be possible to have vector versions of these logos? You know, to be used on printed materials and conferences.

    Regarding the website, it looks clean and nice. I like it. My comments:
    - I find hard to read (by lack of contrast) these text on light green over light gray
    - It definitely looks much better on a mobile browser than the old site, although I have problems with the "section-container tabs"

    - All the information will appear on the same page or on different pages?
    - Do you seen any problems to accommodate multiple languages and to generate some parts of it using PHP?

  • Uzair Asad

    Uzair Asad - 2013-04-02

    Red it is then! These are not exactly vector logos right now but I will make vector versions sometime this week.

    I just need to set the colors for the click window icons and I'll post the updated icon folder set on the forum here.

    The website was a quick build of a main template while waiting deciding the logo color, so I messed around a bit with the colors. Don't worry, I'm trying to make sure the icons and the website are easily readable since eViacam is acessibility-focused software :) I'll modify the section tabs to make it fit properly.

    I was thinking about keeping all the information on the same page and having the menu link to anchors on the page. (Didn't see the need for multiple pages, but I will include a blank page template too so if you need you can make extra/multiple pages too.) As for the languages, once we have finished the english version of the website and reviewed it, then I'll cut the text strings into php files for each language and use php to display the text from the selected language file. This way all the text strings for one language are in one file and translator can easily work on them! Unicode character support shouldn't be a problem either I think. We should include a google translate widget until the new website text has been translated.

    Last edit: Uzair Asad 2013-04-02
  • Cesar Mauri-Loba

    I don't see also the need for multiple pages.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the new icons :-) Once I have them I could build and share with you a development release to see how looks on Windows.

  • Uzair Asad

    Uzair Asad - 2013-04-07

    Hi Cesar! I'd really appreciate a developer build to preview the icons - you'll get them soon! (Made all the icons, just few tweaks here and there left now) =D

    Finally made a complete vector version of the logo. The finished logo (and polished old logo) vectors, svg, png, ico files are all available in the link below:

    Complete zip file of completed logo folder:

    Remember to check out eviacam_title_small.png


    Last edit: Uzair Asad 2013-04-07
  • Cesar Mauri-Loba

    Thanks for the vector version. The title looks also very nice!


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