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Uzair Asad
  • Uzair Asad

    Uzair Asad - 2013-06-04


    New eViacam release was featured on Neowin! :)

    Still working on new website design from time to time.

    When you have some time Cesar, can you change my name in the "About" window to "Uzair Asad" please.

    Last edit: Uzair Asad 2013-06-04
  • Cesar Mauri-Loba


    THANKS file updated so that new releases will show your name properly in About dialog. Credits in website updated.

    Could you send me an email to cesar at crea-si dot com so that I will have your email?

  • Uzair Asad

    Uzair Asad - 2013-06-06

    Thank you! Sent you an email.


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