Click design

  • Cesar Mauri-Loba

    Thanks for your suggestions. Currently you can disable click generation by making click in the click-window's left button (labelled as "No click"). I'm going to add your proposal in the tracker. I hope it can implemented in a (near) future.


  • Kevin

    Kevin - 2009-12-28

    First of all let me say AWESOME project.  I am setting up a computer for a friend of mine who is a quadrapalegic and I am completely blown away by how well this software works.  I second the suggestion that allowing mouse clicking through facial expressions would really improve the project and I think that Duy's suggestions are fantastic.  The only suggestion that I would like to add is to allow each eye to be used just like one of the mouse buttons.  That way you could click, double click, or click and hold (for dragging) each button simply by closing the appropriate eye.  It would also prevent issues with accidental clicking because the mouse is not moved.  It would be nice to allow the eye to be assigned to the button so that people that can close one eye easier than the other could assign that eye to the left button.  I wouldn't assign any actions to closing both eyes though because it could get confused with blinking.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-11-15

    I would suggest a quarter second eye close would make the click more definative and avoid misclicks from blinks.
    Left eye closed (more than 1/4 sec) and reopened - Left Click
    Right eye closed (more than 1/4 sec) and reopened - Right Click
    Left eye held closed (more than 3/4 sec) and head moved - Left Drag (Eye open releases)
    Right eye held closed (more than 3/4 sec) and head moved - Right Drag (Eye open releases)
    2 Sequential Left Eye Clicks - Double Left Click etc.

    I suppose it all comes down to how hard it is to track eye state accurately.


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