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SourceForge update

Well, long time since last posting - time for a new one.
For almost 2 years now Salvis left without any warning but I kept the project up and going. ( In case you read that Salvis -- send me a short mail). Well development will go on and have fun with it

Posted by Mario Schroettner 2012-02-10

Version 3 news

Version 3 is moving towards release. Our website hosting went down and we have had to change a bit on the updater to allow for mirrors and make sure this does not hurt us again. New files will be hosted here and eve-files along with other volunteer's servers. This feature needs testing, and more plugins need to be finished before launch.

Posted by Salvis Tallan 2009-10-19

Eve-MEEP: Version

It has already passed some time since the release, but for all who watch here on sorceforge. A new version has been released.

Posted by Wanderhirn 2009-01-06

Version Released

The latest version of Eve-MEEP has been released, with a cleaner UI and Empyrean Age data!

Posted by Salvis Tallan 2008-07-21

Eve-MEEP: Version

Eve-Meep is the host for a wide array of tools that provide the vital calculations necessary for any serious industrialist in the Eve-Online world.

Released version which includes assets API, Science and industry API, market orders API and much more. Work on the next version has already begun, where item attribute info will be added along with a basic ship fitting viewer. All inactive developers are being removed from the project. If you guys come back and want to keep working, send me an email and I would be glad to add you back to the list.

Posted by Salvis Tallan 2008-04-24 Released

This release contains many bug fixes as written in the Changelog. Only one bug was critical, but several were usability.

Posted by Salvis Tallan 2007-09-06 Released!

New version released containing all the API features.

Posted by Salvis Tallan 2007-08-31

Current Status

Work on Eve-MEEP continues, with lots of bug fixes and a revamp of the graph control to support all different kinds of data. Most Plugins are yet to be rewritten. If you wish to help out with this project, just send Salvis Tallan an eve-mail, no help is denied!

Posted by Salvis Tallan 2007-08-03