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EveAI on Google Code Site

EveAI is dual maintained on sourceforge and Google Code. The two opensource sites have their different merits that hekp the collaboration of effort in the project EveAI.
The Google Code site for EveAI is

Posted by Brighton 2008-12-07

Inception of EveAI

Just as humans have five senses so too computers need five senses to become aware of it's environment. This idea is what gave birth in November 2008 to the project EveAI. The project does not include the hardware that captures the data however it assumes the data has already been captured. EveAI focuses on building an engine to make reflexes such as to remove the robot's hand from a source of heat to avoid a burn. Other such inferences include answering the following questions and many others in a way that shows signs of intelligence.
1. Is this a leaf? [sight]
2. Is this music or noise? [hearing]
3. Is this the smell of beef or salade? [smell]
4. Is the velvet or leather?[touch]
5. Is this sweet or sour? [taste]... read more

Posted by Brighton 2008-12-07