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EVDashboard 0.24 released

Updated version has been branched off from trunk and a new download has been made available.

See the changelog.asp file for details of updates.

Posted by jprknight 2011-03-10

Forums closed...phpBB instead.

Hi all,

The standard forums have been closed in favor of phpBB which can be found on the hosted apps menu, alongside MediaWiki as well.



Posted by jprknight 2011-02-26


You may notice things are not happening too quickly with regards to bug fixes etc.

This is because I am spending the time I can set aside on migrating to project to ASP.NET. I say migrating, but as I am running through my training videos on ASP.NET I see less and less of the current Classic ASP code is usable because things are so different.

Watch this space...

Posted by jprknight 2011-02-16

EV Dashboard 0.23 on the way...

0.23 is on its way, which is a general clean up of links etc which pointed to www.evdiscuss.net.

At this time it will probably not include any new features or fixes.

Posted by jprknight 2011-02-08

EV Dashboard 0.22

Since the disappearance of evdiscuss.net the project has been moved to sourceforge. This project has been running since 2009, however as of only January 2011 is the project hosted on sourceforge.

A new version (0.22) has been made available which has a few minor updates.

Posted by jprknight 2011-02-08