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Firefox 3 issues

Some Firefox 3 issues, like tbody overflow behaviour change, are now fixed.

Posted by Cedric Chantepie 2008-11-21

Notifications system

Now plain users can be advised of new profiles and modified ones with a notification system sending modification summary by mail daily.

Posted by Cedric Chantepie 2007-11-18

Google Map integration

Google Map service is now integrated so you can easily see where people are. You can switch to Google Map view from plain listing or from search results.

Posted by Cedric Chantepie 2007-10-23

Email-login-load / Normalized education level

Go through login when click link in moderation email message, then automatically forward to profile loading. / Normalized education levels in education edit.

Posted by Cedric Chantepie 2007-09-25

Profile avatar

It's now possible to illustrate your profile with a custom uploaded avatar image (photo...). This is done using our brand new resource management (and some Hibernate stuff).

It will quickly be possible to attach other kind of file to your profile (CV doc).
Il est maintenant possible d'illustrer votre profil avec une image avatar (photo...). Ceci est réalisé grâce à notre toute nouvelle gestion de ressources (et à l'aide d'Hibernate)... read more

Posted by Cedric Chantepie 2007-06-01


Project layout has been completely refactored in order to use Maven.
Configuration files has been updated for Tomcat 6.
La structure du projet a été complètement revu afin d'utiliser Maven.
La configuration a été mis à jour pour Tomcat6

Posted by Cedric Chantepie 2007-05-12

Vitamime deployment

Europass Admin has been successfully deployed on website of Vitamime university organisation. Now all student and alumni will be able to register for this directory to keep in touch. It will allow social network around this organisation.
Europass Admin a été déployé avec succès sur le site Web de l'association étudiante Vitamime. Dorénavant les étudiants en cours de formation ainsi que ceux des promotions passées auront la possibilité de rester en contact au moyen de cette annuaire. Ceci permettra de développer les réseaux sociaux autour de l'association.... read more

Posted by Cedric Chantepie 2007-05-04