Anyone have this game running in RedHat?

  • Giles Hamlin

    Giles Hamlin - 2003-09-21

    I've downloaded both sets of files, and unzipped into the appropriate directories. After having to rename the pitcha+ - pitchf+ filenames to all lowercase in the newgfx directory, I still get a few filenames when trying to run the game, but not as many now :)

    This is my output:


    Fallito open classico su catalogs/english/etw.catalog, provo case insensitive... (etw.catalog in catalogs/english/)
    Non trovo catalogs/english/etw.catalog, uso la lingua builtin.
    Leggo la configurazione...
    Controllo per la squadra 1: JOYSTICK
    Controllo per la squadra 2: JOYSTICK
    Unable to find temp directory t/!


    So from this, it appears that I am missing English support, even though I installed all available files (in the catalogs directory there are just two directories - deutsch and italiano) and for some reason, I'm having problems with a temp directory setting, although I can see nothing that relates to this in etw.cfg

    Can anyone offer any help here?

    • Gabriele Greco

      Gabriele Greco - 2003-09-21

      English is the builtin language so there is no need for a english.catalog, the problem is the last line of the debug output:

      Unable to find temp directory t/

      You should create a directory t in the directory ETW!

    • Paul Bunse

      Paul Bunse - 2004-04-08

      and how to define keys for the keyboard?


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