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Escape Towards The Unknown GPL / News: Recent posts

New year, new work!

Hello everybody!

This little announcement to let you know I'm almost ready to release a bit new version (release number should be 0.8.7, so no big changes inside). I've spent some of the time of my winter holidays to make the game again running under AmigaOS (last supported version is still 0.8), and also working to cleanup and reorganize the code. For example I've completely replaced old Amiga type definitions with standard types. Stay tuned for the incomping release. ^^... read more

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 7 days ago

New version released

Hello again,

as promised (well, a little more days has gone then initially planned) the new version 0.8.5 of the engine has been just released.
Since last version a lot of works has been done under the hood but also on the enigmas in order to create a very preliminar playable demo with two locations:
1. Hamilton, the scottish town where the main character, Mike Clifford is spending his holidays
2. Elvin Mc Callister airport, the place where the misadventures begins.
the puzzles are very simple and since the game was unfinished a lot of the required graphics and animations aren't present or have been handmade by me, but unfortunately I'm not a graphic and you can tell very quickly! :)... read more

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2016-02-25

Status update

Hello again,

I'm here again after a month, lot of works has been done under the hood that fixed bugs opened years ago! :)

A new beta will be available in the next few days.

Stay tuned!

P.S. almost forgot: also the old Amiga version of the editor HAL is back active again. Since at the moment it's the only working editor I've already fixed some bugs and used it to correct some errors in the data files of the game.

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2016-02-02

Back in action!

Hello everybody (is anyone out there? )!

After some years away from this tiny project, I'm here back again to work on it.

Why? I don't know, maybe It's a mix of a bit of nostalgia and a bit of desire to complete the work left unfinished.

I'm not full committed on it, but taking advantage of the recent holidays I've already fixed a couple of serious bugs that were aflicting the code for years (life it's really strange sometimes, I've found the solution after years away from the code).... read more

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2016-01-03

SVN repository available!


Today all our project present into the CVS repository has been migrated to SubVersion one. Latest sources of our the projects are available on it!

Please do not use CVS, source will not be updated anymore.

Thank you.

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2007-02-27

Java GUi for HAL

An initial GUI for HAL written in Java was putted on CVS.
Please take care that is currently a work in progress. The GUI doesn't nothing a part for some user interactions.
Also take note that it need Java version 1.5 in order to run and the source project was made with NetBeans 5.0.

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2006-02-21

HAL working progress

Porting of ETTU's editor onto other platforms will take advantage of Java and JNI technologies.

I'm currently redesigning the GUI using Java, while developing the underlying layer (file reading/creation and other things) with JNI interface in mind.

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2006-02-17


Both the old Amiga version and first prealpha multiplatform version of the editor of Escape Towards The Unknown editor was put on CVS repository.

Please take care that the new version is currently NOT intended to work.

Old Amiga version works well but still contain some few little bugs that probabily will never be fixed.

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2006-02-05

Working to Universal Binaries

I'm working in order to build Apple Universal Binary version of ETTU.
Currently there is no official SDL Universal Binary available, but we are using a private compiled version.

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2005-11-19

ETTU v0.7.6 released!

Hello everybody! Here there is another new version of this project. A lot of work was made under the cover in order to make the source code understandable by people that knows english.
Also I've rewritten from scratch procedures used to handle game lists in order to remove some bugs and also fixed mouse buttons handling of the area out of the interface that was done also during speaking!

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2005-02-20

ETTU v0.7.5 released!

Here there is another new version of this game. I've added support for accented letters. This unfortunately brings incompatibility between this version and the older ones. Plase take care to download the new fonts together with the new version.

Linux/i386 version will come as soon as I reach a 386 Linux box! Sorry! ^_^

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2005-01-28

ETTU v0.7.2c for Linux/i386 released!

Released the binary version for Linux for Intel platforms too!! Little modification to the code was necessary.

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2005-01-26

New Linux/PPC version

I've found strange incompatibility between SDL and gtk1.2, so I've rebuild Linux/PPC version of ETTU, using gtk2.0 version of the library.

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2005-01-23

ETTU v0.7.2c released!

A new version of the game is here, now with Linux/PPC executable! The game is source level compatible with: MacOS X, Windows, Linux and AmigaOS too!

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2005-01-20

Screenshot added!

Added a new screenshot showing new 0.7.2c version running under AmigaOS v3.5 under WinUAE!

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2005-01-18

ETTU v0.7.2b released!

Released a quick fix for Windows version of the game that correct a problem with file requester using this operating system. For MacOS X, the latest release is still 0.7.2.

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2005-01-11

Releases file fixed

Renamed the files associated with different version of ETTU. Previously all version are named ettu_<platform>.<extension>, now the new format is: ettu_<platform>_<version>.<extension>

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2005-01-10

ETTU v0.7.2 released!

First beta version becomes available!
A lot of works was made during Xmas holiday in order to made source files compilable under AmigaOS (but I don't know if it works), plus some other bug fixes.

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2005-01-05

ETTU v0.7 released!

With the new year, another version of Escape is made available! This version comes with improvement made with main character movements plus some minor internal bug fixes.

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2005-01-03

ETTU v0.6.3 released!

Added a new alpha release that comes with a lot of correct error handling when some application files was not found.

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2004-11-07

ETTU v0.6.2 released

Released a new alpha version containing fix for some litte bugs.

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2004-09-02

Feedback is welcome!

Hello to everybody! Now that a first alpha version was published I'll appreciate very much your feedback. Please consider that this is alpha software, but feel free to post your opinion/suggestions/request.

Thank you all very much!

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2004-08-04

ETTU v0.6.1 released

Release a new alpha version that fix a nasty bug that didn't allow to pick uo more that five objects!!!

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2004-07-29

Downloadable version is arrived!

I'm happy to announce that a first downloadable alpha version (0.6 is the canditate) of Escape Towards The Unknown was released today! Also common data files for all platforms are downloadable.

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2004-07-28

Where are download files?

Please be patient. I hope to release a first beta version early in september (there are summer holidays in the middle ^_^).

Posted by Andrea Carolfi 2004-07-12