I am trying to install Win7 directly to iSCSI target by gPXE but encountered an issue.
The expected behavior is gPXE detect the iSCSI target and then boot Win7 DVD-ROM but the boot process freeze at "Booting from root path <iSCSI Target IQN>" long time and eventually failed with "Not supported (0x3c0d6003)" error.
- PXE Server
Dell PowerEdge T300
Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterpriese x64 JP
Altiris DS 6.9 SP3
    DHCP Options :
gPXE Boot Strap : Either of below files has same issue.
- PXE Client
Intel(R) 82567LM Gigabit Network Connection

- iSCSI Target
EqualLogic PS6000
  Model: 70-0202
  Firmware: 5.1.2 (R197668)
- Boot Message
net0: 00:21:70:ef:20:1f on UNDI-PCI00:19.0 (open)
  [Link:up, TX:0 TXE:0 RX:0 RXE:0]
DHCP (net0 00:21:70:ef:20:1f). ok
Booting from root path "iscsi:    // It took very long time.
Could not initialise iSCSI device: Not supported (0x3c0d6003)    // Booting faild after several hours.
Could not boot from root path "iscsi:
-8a0906-21b920804-c0c98aa8f434f38b-nttdata-iscsiboot-2": Not supported (0x3c0d60
No more network devices    // Boot process does not move to next bootable device (DVD-ROM).
However, during "Booting from root path ..." I can see the login is successful and the session is also established at EqualLogic. Since the LUN is new and there is no OS image, failing to boot is an expected behavior. The problem is the "Not supported (0x3c0d6003)" error but I have no idear how to fix it. Does it mean gPXE does not support EqualLogic PS6000?
By the way, it looks Intel(R) 82567LM does'nt have FLASH. Is there any problem to use gPXE?
> ibabuild
NIC  Network Address  DevID  Flash Size  BootROM type     Version
=== =============== ====== =========  =============    =======
1   002170EF201F     10F5   N/A          LOM, No FLASH   Present
Thanks and regards.
Yang Lu