#9 Support for VLAN tags


Traffic / captures with 802.1q vlan tags in them fail
to show up at all in etherape. Having multiple modes
for displaying VLAN-tagged traffic would be nice:
* collapsed mode: vlan tags ignored, all traffic
displayed as usual (everything collapsed into one
* filtered mode: a VLAN tag is specified as part of
the filter, and only that VLAN is displayed.
* multi-graph mode: one graph is created per VLAN
tag... perhaps as a separate window, perhaps all
within the same window.


  • R. Ghetta

    R. Ghetta - 2010-01-04

    Release 0.9.9 correctly decodes VLAN tags. At this time tags are decoded but ignored (like your 'collapsed' mode).
    Perhaps in future other modes will be supported.

    Important note: due to a quirk of pcap, to properly filter traffic in VLAN environment, you need to start your expression with 'vlan', otherwise the filter will not work.
    For example, to use the standard IP mode, you need to set the filter to 'vlan and ip'. If you don't do that, your display will be blank.

  • R. Ghetta

    R. Ghetta - 2010-01-04
    • status: open --> closed

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