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BibTeX editor

  • Cristian Madrigal-Mora

    I am running ecletex 0.0.4 on Eclipse 3.01 on Windows XP with JRE 5.0 and the bibtex editor just doesn't show anything, at least the 0.0.4 allowed me to edit the file, no it opens a tab with nothing on it. If I use the regular text editor I can see the contents of the file without problems.
    Is this a know issue??
    I have no problems building or anything like that.. just the bibtex editor

    • Ian Hartney

      Ian Hartney - 2004-11-25

      Ummm, it works fine for me. You should see the main tab, then at the bottom there are two sub tabs, one says details, one says source. You are probably on the details tab in a new bibtex file, so you wont see anything there. Click on the source tab, and you have a nice text editor to enter your bibtex into.  Once you have entries the details view should show a sort of gui interface to your bibtex file.

    • aLUNZ

      aLUNZ - 2004-12-08

      (Must learn to not post into forums without attempting to locate similar messages first).  Have just posted a message into the Help forum about this problem.

      As described there, an easy way to replicate this problem is to:
      (a) create an entry .bib file.
      (b) Add this (BibTeX compliant) entry:
          author = "Bruce Schneier",
          title = "Applied Cryptography Second Edition : Protocols, Algorithms and Source Code in C",
          publisher = "John Wiley \& Sons",
          year = "1996",

      (c) Try and save it.
      (d) Close the editor then attempt to re-open it.

      Is the editor expecting specific BibTex attributes?


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