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0.9.20 release

couple minor functionality fixes
stability improvements in lib parts
packaging up the entire source tree

Posted by kaidokert 2009-06-05

Debian packages

EsteidUtil is now in the official Debian archive under Sid

Ubuntu upload coming up

Posted by kaidokert 2008-09-11

idutil ( COM component )

checked in a rewritten idutil, a simple COM component that gives access to id card data through COM to scripting.

Posted by kaidokert 2008-07-09


minor fixes

Posted by kaidokert 2008-03-16


o hai, forgot to say. Mostly CTAPI-related bugfixes, details in ChangeLog

Posted by kaidokert 2008-03-03

0.9.14 up

fixes packaging issues, and CTAPI problems on windows.
Should build cleanly out from tar pack now on windows with visual studio.

Posted by kaidokert 2008-02-26

win-mac build problems

Just realized this:

For folks who try to build this from tarball on Mac, the entire App directory is missing. Some prototype is there in SVN, but its not finished and i forgot to include it in distribution.
So if you want to experiment, get the mac/EsteidUtil.App directory from SVN and place your built binary under Contents/MacOS

For win32, i never tried to build from my own tarball, always using the SVN, and i forgot to include src/wxprec.cpp, which you can create and just put this one line in it:
#include "precompiled.h"... read more

Posted by kaidokert 2008-02-20

new release, 0.9.13

New release is up. Changes are various small fixes on linux, and Mac stuff.

The tool should now work with either OpenCT or PCSC layer, whatever your ca have installed and works better with your card reader.

Image download function should be fixed up and openssl presence properly found.

Underlying card comm library should be more robust and work better with different card layers and better detect error conditions.... read more

Posted by kaidokert 2008-02-19


Mac support is committed, so building from SVN for Mac ought to work now. Its at the "compiles and sorta works" stage for now.
Binary packages for all three platforms coming with the next version, for now help installing binaries go here:

Posted by kaidokert 2008-02-02

first release

First source release is done.
Users get:
Fully working utility under windows and linux.
Sortof working utility under MacOSX.
Mac full support will be coming in next release.

Devs get:
Mostly crossplatform code, wxWidgets and C++
Separate C++ lib for card communications
Build environments for Autotools, MS VC 2007, and CodeBlocks.

Posted by kaidokert 2008-01-21

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