eSpeak with Mbrola in Dutch

  • bangieff

    bangieff - 2011-07-22

    Hi everyone,
    I am trying to use eSpeak with Mbrola for better voices, but the strange thing to me is there is no difference in the output audio nevertheless I am using any of the commands:
    espeak -v mb-nl2 -f nl2Test.txt -w nl2TestEspeak.wav 
    espeak -v mb-nl2 -f nl2Test.txt -q -pho -phonout=nl2Test.pho;  mbrola /usr/local/bin/mbrola/nl2 nl2Test.pho nl2TestMbrola.wav

    In both cases the speach sounds very bad. Is there any additional option that I should provide to any of the applications in order to enhance the quality of the output?


  • Jonathan Duddington

    Which version of eSpeak?  The eSpeak Dutch voice has improved in recent versions, including the current development version at:

    What do you mean by "there is no difference in output audio"?  Do you mean that:

    espeak -v nl "hello"
    espeak -v mb-nl2 "hello"

    sound exactly the same?  i.e. you hear the eSpeak voice, not the mbrola voice in both cases?
    Is there an error message?

    eSpeak will look for the "nl2" mbrola voice data at either:

    What exactly do you mean by "the speech sound very bad"?

  • bangieff

    bangieff - 2011-07-24

    Hello Jonathan and thanks for your reply,
    I am experimenting with the latest version of espeak that I just downloaded from the website (eSpeak text-to-speech: 1.45.33  06.Jul.11  Data at: /usr/share/espeak-data)
    Both voices ("-v nl" and "-v mb-nl2" are definetly different, so there is no problem with that part. However the voice integrated into espeak sounds a little… mechanical, so I wanted to test the mbrola voices. That is why I generated "pho" file with espeak and I passed it as imput file to mbrola as shown below:

    espeak -v mb-nl2 -f nl2Test.txt -q -pho -phonout=nl2Test.pho
    mbrola /usr/local/bin/mbrola/nl2 nl2Test.pho nl2TestMbrola.wav

    There are no errors displayed or anything else. The language file is in "/usr/share/mbrola/".
    If you want I can send you the WAV output. To me it sounds somehow strange, but may be that is exactly as expected?

    Best regards,


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