#29 Multiple auctions ending at the (near) same time



It's not that rarely when sellers list their auctions in batch resulting, for example, 10 items ending at the same sec. Now it is not possible to bid on all these auctions with esniper (esniper will proceed only first and can't catch up with rest of them because they already ended while processing first aucton) unless running separate esniper instance for each 10 auctions. This is fine mostly, but now and then the process is ending with CAPTCHA resulting in failing all bids. And this whole process may start successfully, but crash next time esniper is checking bid status. So one can't be sure.

My idea is to introduce some kind of sessionId (freely set by user) in configuration file so such multiple esniper instances could be grouped together and use only one signin procedure with the same sessionid. First proccess could signin and somewhere save ebay cookie to be shared with other esniper processes with the same sessionid.

This whole process then could be managed within some shell script controlling esniper execution like sleeping some time between running other esniper instances and esnuring signin was succesfull and ebay cookie is saved.

This sounds to me much easier to ipmlement than introducing mutlithraeding.


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