#18 SQL Integration


Hi again!

I'm interested if you have any plans on integration of
esniper with any SQL databases? E.g. the output could
be passed into SQL instead (or additionally!) of stdout.

It may be done in the way when additional parser
written which parse esniper output. Parser should be
run via cron (or scheduler in the Windows) and update
SQL with the new information.

The biggest part with this scenario is to rewrite
esniper to add the CSV output to have some sort of
leading codes (which are shared with the parser in new
resources file) and item tracking information. In this
way parser would be easily able to parse anything in
the proper way.

Something like this (just the information):

4599920687|0054|UNIXTIMEHERE|E200 Classic Model1998|
4599920687|0055|UNIXTIMEHERE|3 hours 46 minutes 13
** Current bid, next line Maximum bid **

E.g. code means some sinlge action and is unique - Item
name, Time remaining, etc.. Result1 is the string,
Result2 is the variable to parse. And so on.

UNIXTIMEHERE - is the Unix time in seconds or your
detailed time like in the debug output.

Actually, you may not even write the parser, but create
the CSV output only. The main thing not to forget that
output should be structurized as much as possible to
avoid any sort of parsing problems.

You may think about change the esniper to work with XML
input and output. This will definitely bring esniper to
the sky and would be even much more better than CSV I
have adviced .

What do you think of it?


  • Anonymous - 2006-01-12

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    Right now esniper writes out info as it is parsing the ebay
    bid history. I've been meaning to change it so parsing &
    output are two distinct steps. It wouldn't be difficult, I
    just haven't had the time. Once that is done, adding new
    output formats should be simple.

  • Knut Kohl

    Knut Kohl - 2006-12-25

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    Originator: NO

    In the meantime you can use my web frontend, which parses the esniper output.
    Take a look at http://es-f.sourceforge.net if you like...



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