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  • Anonymous - 2012-09-06

    I installed esniper-2-27-0 on centos 5.8 (a command line machine only) and I was able to start esniper with:
    # /usr/local/bin/esniper start
    but I can't work out how I stop the program.. Do I have to use 'killall -9 esniper' or is there a better command?
    # /usr/local/bin/esniper stop gives me: 'Auction file "stop" is not readable: No such file or directory'.
    I'd also like to know how I can find out the status of the program (whether its running or not).
    # service esniper status   gives me 'esniper: unrecognized service'.
    and finally one more question (if I may).
    when I run any program on my centos machine the program confirms startup and then I get the # symbol again but with esniper I don't get the that, The console cursor just sits there after it says 'Sleeping for a day'. Is this normal? Is there some key I should press to get the # symbol back? (without stopping esniper of course).

    • Tony Hammond

      Tony Hammond - 2013-06-25

      Its a very low footprint program - which runs as a process not a service - just killall esniper to get rid of it. There are no /etc/init.d esniper start and stop commands.
      ls -l to see the hidden .esniper config file and edit that to your liking to change its behavour. You have to be in the directory where the config file is. I think its ~.esniper from the top of my head

      Last edit: Tony Hammond 2013-06-25

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