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  • Average Joe

    Average Joe - 2008-06-06

    I'd like to bid on some international items (from, etc...) but I am unsure how the auction file set up will work.  Would the value there be in USD or in the if using the site GBP, EU, etc...  I will be using the default configuration for esniper built on a US system.  So in summary, do I enter values based on US currency or international currency?  Thanks!

    • Scott Nicol

      Scott Nicol - 2008-06-06

      A couple of things about eBay:

      1. Auctions started on one site are available on all other sites.  For example, an auction started at is available at,,, etc

      2. Bidding on an auction is always in the currency specified in the auction.  Country sites may give an approximation of what the bid equals in another currency, but bidding is still in the currency of the auction.  So for example, If I was bidding on a german auction with bid price in Euros, and I'm looking at this from, I'll see the high bid in euros and what that approximately converts to in canadian dollars.  If I bid on the item, my bid is in euros.

      So given that... you don't need to do anything to make esniper work on international auctions.  You do have to be mindful of the currency, just like you would if you were bidding by yourself.

      The configuration entries for using different servers doesn't change any of the above. And the only supported server is  However sometimes ebay makes changes that break esniper.  Typically they do it on first, and it makes its way to country sites a few weeks later.  Changing the server(s) used can be used as a workaround while esniper is being updated and tested.  In other words, don't mess with the hostnames unless you are told to by me :-)

    • Average Joe

      Average Joe - 2008-06-06

      Thanks for the great response.  So it worked just as I imagined it would.  Looking to snipe my first item in a few days so wanted to have everything ready.  I was always wondering why I'd lose out in the very last few seconds and now I know >:)


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