Failed eSniper Login

  • ocman

    ocman - 2009-10-07

    It appears that the issue I have been seeing with failed eSniper logins are due to a recent change eBay has made to login sessions. Apparently if a browser session is currently active and logged into an eBay account, additional attempts by eSniper to log into the same account may fail.

    I have been seeing this fairly often due to having my eSniper front end in
    one HTML frame and My Ebay in another frame. At first I thought this may because I was viewing the same item in the browser that I was trying to start an eSniper instance with, but it also occurs when the only eBay page open is My Ebay.

    This is a serious blow to the usability of eSniper, due to not being able to have any eBay session open while eSniper is logging in.  This includes not only the first eSniper login, but all subsequent attempts including the final bid.

    Perhaps eSniper could use some sort of a user agent/HTML client indicator to mimic a browser instance.

    Anyone have similar experiences and results with this issue?

  • Bodo

    Bodo - 2009-10-13

    In my case the HTML pages esniper.*.bug.html contain a META refresh to a My eBay page. That means esniper saw this intermediate page but not the final page which might be the correct one. When esniper does not find the expected patterns in the page it assumes that the login failed.

    Esniper uses Curl to handle the HTTP requests and the cookies.
    AFAIK Curl does not handle META refresh tags automatically because this requires parsing and interpreting the HTML data. I will try to implement a processing of META refresh in esniper. Maybe this will solve the login problem.


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