Stop esniper from bidding

  • Kevin

    Kevin - 2008-02-12

    Is there a way to stop esniper from bidding? What I mean is say I ran esniper using an auction file and I realized I put in the wrong amount of money for an auction. Is there a way to quit esniper or to tell it not to bid on that item?

    • Rolf

      Rolf - 2008-02-12

      Assuming you are running ensiper on Linux.

      If you have only one esniper process "killall esniper".  If you have more than one and want to kill only one process, look up the PID with "ps faux|grep esniper" and then "kill $PID_number".

    • Kevin

      Kevin - 2008-02-12

      Thanks, I knew about using ps and kill commands, I was just wondering if there was something already built into esniper. Something like "esniper auction_file.txt quit". Oh well, not too big of a deal, the kill command works fine.

      • Anonymous - 2008-02-12

        If you use the snipe script to start auctions, you can use it to monitor and kill auctions by auction file name.  The script is in the frontends directory.  You can get usage with snipe -?.

        In your example, you'd start esniper with:

        snipe auction_file.txt

        You could see what's running with:


        then get info on auction_file.txt:

        snipe -i auction_file.txt

        and if you want to kill it:

        snipe -k auction_file.txt

    • Kevin

      Kevin - 2008-02-12

      Thanks. I didn't know esniper had a this. I use Debain Lenny and install and keep up-to-date with the package manager and there is no frontend directory. I might just have to use the downloaded version from here from now on.

      Oh, by the way Scott, great program. I love it and recommend it to everyone.

      • Anonymous - 2008-02-13

        You're welcome, glad you like it.

    • Quy NGUYEN DAI

      Quy NGUYEN DAI - 2009-02-21

      @Scott Nicol: are you sure there is "-k" option ?

      > /home/foo/apps/bin/esniper -k test.txt
      /home/quy/apps/bin/esniper: invalid option -- k
      usage: esniper [-bdhHnmPrUv] [-c conf_file] [-l logdir] [-p proxy] [-q quantity]
             [-s secs|now] [-u user] (auction_file | [auction price ...])

      Try "esniper -h" for more help.

      I use 2.19.0 on Linux.


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