RaverJK - 2009-03-29


I'm still running into trouble getting esniper and es-f work. That is why i activated the debug logging option in esf, but it seems that no logs can be written.

my apache server runs on debian 4 on user www-data
In sudoers, I added following line:
www-data  ALL=(esniper) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/sudo, /bin/sh, /bin/kill

When I try to start a group, it seems to work, but after refreshing it's back to the unsatrted status. I don't get any esniper process started. The protocol looks like this:

Auction 320351576043: Login failed
Unable to open log file ./esniper.320351576043.log: Permission denied
Unable to open log file esniper.log: Permission denied

es-f: # cd "/var/www/esf/.run/.raverjk/"; /usr/local/bin/esniper -c .es-f "Monitor.RaverJK"

I don't know where the script expects the folder ".es-f" and I think that's missing. I also added the user esniper as recommended at the how-to homepage. I also added the esniper user to the ww-data group.

Any idea?



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