Thinking of building for WIndows.

  • Mark Gillespie

    Mark Gillespie - 2006-11-01

    Notice there is no windows builds.  Was thinking of having a crack at the task.

    Anyone tried?  Is it tricky, am I wasting my time even trying??

    Any tips, perferences between Cygwin or MinGW ...

    Basically anything that can help me on the way.  I will of course make the win build available once I have tested it...

    • Anonymous - 2006-11-01

      cygwin works fine.  mingw should be fine as well.  Make sure you have a recent-enough libcurl.

    • Mark Gillespie

      Mark Gillespie - 2006-11-02

      OK, working fine.

      Have a Win32 commandline build, latest CVS with the recent patch.
      Does anyone want it?

      • Anonymous - 2006-11-02

        cygwin or mingw?

    • Mark Gillespie

      Mark Gillespie - 2006-11-03



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