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  • upD8R

    upD8R - 2007-09-24

    I just compiled (for the first time) esniper from the latest CVS sources. The only thing I tried so far is "esniper -m".

    This is the result:
    Enter eBay username: xxxxx
    Enter eBay password:

    ItemNr:         130154784606
    Description:    König der Löwen 100  gutschein an allen Tagen

    <div><a href=";rd=1&amp;item=130154784606&amp;ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&amp;ih=003">König der Löwen 100  gutschein an allen Tagen</a></div>

    The last thing means "segmentation fault". Any ideas? It was compiled for (and on) an NSLU2, which runs Debian 4.9 and is an ARM device ...

    I'm looking for a small ebay command line tool and I think esniper could do the job ;)

    • Anonymous - 2007-09-24

      I've got to make this a FAQ:

      Esniper is pretty dumb when it comes to dealing with the myEbay watch list.  You need to have the watch list setup correctly.  Go to myEbay, click on watching, then customize display.  The fields to display should be:

      Current Price
      Shipping Cost
      Seller ID

      In that order.  No other fields.  Ensure all the check boxes are checked except the checkbox under "show related information".  Then click save.

      • upD8R

        upD8R - 2007-09-24

        That was a very quick (and correct) response. It works ...

        Thanks, I'm going to test it further ...


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