#1 Death of the Master Library

Internals (2)

Currently the Master Library is a general naming area
where classes are aliased. Whenever a class is refered
to by name, without the Library being specified, it is
resolved by using the Master Library...

Generally this behavior has been found to be less than
useful and I'm contmplating eliminating the Master

The intent of doing this is to change the meaning of the
using the a simple class name (One without a library
specified). If this change is made then a simple class
name would no longer be a alias resolved from the
master library, but instead would be treated as a class
in the same library as the refering context.

Needless to say such a change might result in some
side effects on existing code that does not use full class

On the plus side the change will eliminate the overhead
of maintaining the Master Library, and allow simple
class references to have a predictable mapping.

On the minus side, some existing code that is using
simple class names to span libraries will break.
Likewise aliasing using the Master library will break (If
anyone is using this feature). In the cass of cross library
references they can be identified and correct to full
references (Incressed type checking in the compiler will
aid in this). For aliasing through the Master, creating a
new virtual library to alias against can replace this role.

At this point I'm incline toward this change, but I wanted
to give people a chances to comment first.



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