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Upcomming Version 4.2

Version 4.2 a stablization release is now in the process of being intergrated. This version will be kitted for Cache 5.0 & GT.M 5.0. If there are users requiring other platforms or versions please contact the project administrators.

Posted by Jerry Goodnough 2006-02-04

Announcing EsiProxy V1.0.0.1

I would like to announce the submission of the EsiProxy package to Open Source.

The EsiProxy V1.0.0.1 kit ( contains software used to handle incoming (client) TCP connections and makes appropriate server side connections. Its purpose is to provide a common interface for making and establishing connections to EsiObjects and to hide the some of the underlying shortcoming of the host MUMPS system.... read more

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2004-08-17

Announcing Build 2 of EsiQuery

For those of you interested in the EsiQuery package recently submitted to the EsiObjects project at, you will be pleased to hear that build 2 of the package has been released.

Several months ago I gave a pre-release of the EsiQuery package to Mark Lamoreaux of TriAxial Data Systems ( Mark and his programmers have been using EsiObjects to build their applications using GT.M on Linux. Mark and one of his very able programmers, Eric Lambart, did a great job of cleaning up the first release of EsiQuery. As a proponent of Open Source, Mark has graciously contributed all of their work on EsiQuery to the EsiObjects project.... read more

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2004-03-22

Announcing EsiParser

As a natural add-on to the EsiQuery submission, ESI would like to submit the EsiParser V0.1.0.1 package to Open Source. EsiParser consists of a set of Java classes that, in conjunction with ANTLR V2.7.2, generates EsiObjects lexer and parser code for a given grammar specification. ANTLR V2.7.2 (Another Tool for Language Recognition) is a parser and translator generator that is freely available at This package was used to generate the lexer and parser for the EsiQuery package. The Object Query Language grammar file oql.g is included.... read more

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2004-03-22

EsiQuery now submitted to Open Source.

For those of you who have been waiting for the Object Query Language package add-on to the
EsiObjects project, it is now on

OQL is an object oriented, SQL like query language for object-oriented databases based on the Object Database Management Group (ODMG) standard. The EsiQuery system is a partial implementation of the OQL language specification. It is implemented as an EsiObjects application and will access any collection of EsiObjects objects that support a polymorphic iterator interface.... read more

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2004-03-16

Announcing EsiORB

EsiORB, an implementation of the OMG's CORBA ORB specification has been released to Open Source. This release includes an implementation of the basic CORBA communications standard. Where the EsiObjects COM Bridge and Java Gateway communications packages provide for local connectivity, EsiORB provides a basis for enterprise communications. EsiORB is the communications backbone to the future EasyEnterprise submission.

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2004-02-11

Announcing EsiDoc, a general document management package.

We would like to announce the release of the new EsiDoc document management package that runs within the EsiObjects environment. The EsiDoc package provides general document management functionality designed to manage any type of document you wish to implement. As a first release, the package has been specialized to manage XML documents. This package is actively running at a large DOD site to automate paper forms.... read more

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2004-01-26

New EsiObjects Tutorial Available

Happy New Year!

Two additions have been made to the EsiObjects project at They are:

1) An updated release of the Foundation Classes (Base library) has been submitted.

2) A new release of the EsiObjects tutorial has been submitted. All classes and services have been brought up to coding conventions. The Getting Started Guide has been enhanced to eliminate a couple problems. Also, all code examples reflect the changes made to all code Tutorial code bodies. Getting the Tutorial enhanced was necessary for release of the EsiDoc (Document Management) package since it will use the Person database, as a part of it's tutorial.... read more

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2004-01-01

New Foundation Class Library Release

As part of an effort to bring the EsiObjects system in line with the recently submitted EsiObjects Conventions document and position it for future system enhancements, we have conducted a full cleanup of the EsiObjects Base library. This library has been submitted under a new package heading in SourceForge titled Foundation Classes. Please read the ReadMe.txt within the file for a complete list of enhancements and additions as well as installation instructions.... read more

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2003-12-17

EsiObjects V4.1.1 Client Source Code Released

ESI has released the EsiObjects V4.1.1.1 client source files into Open Source within the EsiObjects project at Please read the appropriate ReadMe.txt files. These sources are C++ and are used to generate the EsiObjects UI.

Also, we released our EsiObjects Coding Conventions document. This document lists all of the VES namespace assignments used by ESI as well as coding conventions that we will be applying to code and online documentation developed from this point on. Existing libraries are currently being brought in line with these conventions. If you enhance or add functionality to EsiObjects and want to contribute your work, you should try to conform to these conventions where possible.... read more

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2003-11-18

Updated Gudies for V4.1.1.1

New documentation guides are available. The Tools Guide has been upgraded to reflect V4.1.1 UI changes.

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2003-10-02

EsiObjects V4.1.1 Released

V4.1.1 of EsiObjects has been released. This is the latest development environment. It contains too many new features to list. Please refer to the V4_1 New Features.txt file for a complete list.

EsiObjects - An Object Oriented Programming Language and Development Evironment - Extending ANSI MUMPS.

This version of EsiObjects has been under development for some time and is currently running in a production environment.... read more

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2003-09-19

TCP/IP Proocol Documentation

In an effort to give you the information you need to enhance and add value to the Open Source EsiObjects system, the TCP/IP Protocol document is now available. You will find it in the Documents section under Files of the SourceForge EsiObjects project.

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2003-09-19

New Tracker Added - Proposed Updates & Changes

Please be advised that a new tracker has been added to the project to manage Proposed Updates & Changes. The new tracker is available by selecting the Tracker option in the general project toolbar. Items submitted to this tracker are the major changes and updates that the development team is considering making, and it is intended to provide the user community with advanced warning of near future development plans.

Posted by Jerry Goodnough 2003-03-11

New EsiObjects V4.0.1 Release

A new version of EsiObjects V4.0.1 has been released to . This release contains all known bug fixes. It will be the last release of V4.0. New work will be released under V4.1
Please note that all kits have been loaded to SourceForge except the MSM kit. It will be loaded within the next couple days.
EsiObjects has evolved into a very sophisticated development and runtime system. It is at the foundation of all the work ESI is doing for the VA and DOD. It is currently deployed to numerous sites within the VA as a part of the GCPR effort. Additionally, it forms the foundation to the Easy CHCS system and is currently deployed at the Naval Medical Center San Diego. Within a few months this system will be deployed to all 100+ sites within the DOD (Army, Navy and Air Force).
Our commitment to Open Source will continue. New projects currently underway at ESI will start to use the powerful combination of Linux, GT.M-I86, and EsiObjects to form a completely free object oriented development and runtime environment. If your organization wants a robust, modern development and runtime system, this is a winning combination – and you can't beat free!

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2002-07-18

Latest versions of EsiObjects now on Sourceforge

The latest versions of EsiObjects are now on SourceForge for all M implementations.

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2002-04-09

ESI announces EsiObjects V4.1 Beta 1 on GT.M-I86-Linux.

ESI are proud to announce the submission EsiObjects V4.1 Beta 1 to Open Source. This version supports DSM, MSM, Cache and now GT.M-I86-Linux. At this point, all sources for EsiObjects are on SourceForge except the C++ client files. These will be added later.
There are two ways in which you can access the download files.
1. If you want to download the client and appropriate server files as well as learn more about EsiObjects, simply go to <>. It is a simple home page that links you to all the appropriate pages.
2. However, if you want to become involved in the actual development of EsiObjects and have not registered at <> , you should do so. Once you have registered, you can download and browse the site for more detail. If you want a "role" in the development process, please send your SourceForge user name to <>.
If you need help, please use the Help message forum of SourceForge. We would really appreciate it if you would not send messages directly to ESI. Using the forums on SourceForge insures that everyone will participate in the discussion.
We at ESI truly believe that the Open Source approach to software engineering is the way future software systems will be built. At this point, you are no longer trapped by large or small monopolies. You can stand up an industrial strength Linux system with GT.M and EsiObjects totally free of license costs. We encourage you to participate.

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2001-11-09

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