New Foundation Class Library Release

As part of an effort to bring the EsiObjects system in line with the recently submitted EsiObjects Conventions document and position it for future system enhancements, we have conducted a full cleanup of the EsiObjects Base library. This library has been submitted under a new package heading in SourceForge titled Foundation Classes. Please read the ReadMe.txt within the file for a complete list of enhancements and additions as well as installation instructions.

This release of the Base library represents the first of several. The next release will contain further enhancements to documentation and functionality.

Please note that we added three new forums to the EsiObjects SourceForge project.

  1. The EsiObjects Client forum is dedicated to work that is being done to enhance or rewrite the EsiObjects UI. The complete source code library for the EsiObjects UI was released recently.
  2. The Documentation forum is dedicated to documentation issues. A new documentation package release will be made shortly. It will include newly enhanced documents as well as the new Foundation Class Reference Guide, which is a textual representation of the Base library.
  3. The Foundation Classes forum is dedicated to issues with the Foundation Classes release.
Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2003-12-17

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