EsiObjects V4.1.1 Client Source Code Released

ESI has released the EsiObjects V4.1.1.1 client source files into Open Source within the EsiObjects project at Please read the appropriate ReadMe.txt files. These sources are C++ and are used to generate the EsiObjects UI.

Also, we released our EsiObjects Coding Conventions document. This document lists all of the VES namespace assignments used by ESI as well as coding conventions that we will be applying to code and online documentation developed from this point on. Existing libraries are currently being brought in line with these conventions. If you enhance or add functionality to EsiObjects and want to contribute your work, you should try to conform to these conventions where possible.

We will be releasing several other EsiObjects packages into Open Source within the near future. These packages have been converted to run on the Open Source version of GT.M.

1) EsiORB is an implementation of the OMG's CORBA specification. It is the communications component only. It complements the existing Java Gateway and COM Bridge that is currently a part of EsiObjects, providing enterprise wide interoperability.

2) EsiQuery is an implementation of the ODMG's Object Query Language (OQL) specification. It is a version 1 release. It works fine but needs work to make it more robust and perform better. Performance was never a goal of V1. This is a natural extension to EsiObjects. It is based on the ANTLR project.

3) EsiDoc is a set of classes that implement a document management package. It contains the concrete classes that implement an XML document. It can be extended to implement other document types. The XML parser required by XML component is part of the EsiObjects V4.1 Base library.

I hope these packages will be of great use to all of you using EsiObjects. It is my hope that a nucleus of users will start working with ESI to improve these great offerings for the betterment of everyone. If anyone is interested in contributing some time, please let us know through EsiObjects SourceForge forum.

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2003-11-18

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