ESI announces EsiObjects V4.1 Beta 1 on GT.M-I86-Linux.

ESI are proud to announce the submission EsiObjects V4.1 Beta 1 to Open Source. This version supports DSM, MSM, Cache and now GT.M-I86-Linux. At this point, all sources for EsiObjects are on SourceForge except the C++ client files. These will be added later.
There are two ways in which you can access the download files.
1. If you want to download the client and appropriate server files as well as learn more about EsiObjects, simply go to <>. It is a simple home page that links you to all the appropriate pages.
2. However, if you want to become involved in the actual development of EsiObjects and have not registered at <> , you should do so. Once you have registered, you can download and browse the site for more detail. If you want a "role" in the development process, please send your SourceForge user name to <>.
If you need help, please use the Help message forum of SourceForge. We would really appreciate it if you would not send messages directly to ESI. Using the forums on SourceForge insures that everyone will participate in the discussion.
We at ESI truly believe that the Open Source approach to software engineering is the way future software systems will be built. At this point, you are no longer trapped by large or small monopolies. You can stand up an industrial strength Linux system with GT.M and EsiObjects totally free of license costs. We encourage you to participate.

Posted by Terry L. Wiechmann 2001-11-09

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