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Pierre van de Laar

Welcome to the ESI AIS Parser Wiki!

This package supports the parsing of AIS messages in Java.
AIS, the Automatic Identification System, is a system aiming at improving maritime safety by exchanging messages between ships,
other vehicles in particular aircraft involved in search-and-rescue (SAR), and (fixed) base stations.
To be precise, this package support the ITU-R M.1371-4 AIS standard.
Note: Since Feb 2014, the fifth release of the ITU-R M.1371 AIS Standard is in force.

See our extensive javadoc and in particular the
class AISParser for more information on how to use this package.
See the
ESI AIS Parser License for more information on the legal aspects.

The parser was used in the Poseidon project,
and is improved in the Metis project to better handle uncertain information.
Both projects were led by the Embedded Systems Institute.
In both projects Thales Nederlands was the carrying industrial partner,
and multiple Dutch universities participated.

Project Admins:

The ESI AIS Parser is also made available via The Central Repository.

The wiki uses Markdown syntax.