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For news see the notes of the latest release

For news see the notes of the latest release

Posted by Tom 2005-06-15

ESense 1.3 released

Version 1.3

- Macros defined as other macros are handled properly.

- Added configuration variable to control what should happen when an
unknown include file is encountered (signal an error or ignore the
unknown files).

- Header lines are shown with bold characters in tooltips for

- Added -debug option to esense.erl to write file names as they are
processed to the standard output. This helps identifying the
problematic file if ESense crashes during indexing.... read more

Posted by Tom 2005-06-06

ESense 1.2 released

- If the currently edited file is a module then the usual features
(function/record/macro completion, documentation lookup, go to
definition) are also offered for entities defined locally in the
module (as far as the file is parsable). The last saved version of
the file is used for creating the index.

- Cached data is refreshed if the source file has been changed since
the value was cached.

- When visiting a definition the original position is recorded on the
marker ring of etags, so that the user can return to the starting
position with M-*.... read more

Posted by Tom 2005-05-30

ESense 1.1 released


- Interactive errors are converted to messages when completion is invoked via an electric character to avoid annoying the user unnecessarily during typing.

- Record field documentation is also processed.

- Macro name and possible arguments are shown in macro tooltip help.

- Don't try to complete a record field at the beginning of buffer.

- Print fewer warning messages when the completion is invoked via an electric character.... read more

Posted by Tom 2005-05-24