ESense 1.3 released

Version 1.3

- Macros defined as other macros are handled properly.

- Added configuration variable to control what should happen when an
unknown include file is encountered (signal an error or ignore the
unknown files).

- Header lines are shown with bold characters in tooltips for

- Added -debug option to esense.erl to write file names as they are
processed to the standard output. This helps identifying the
problematic file if ESense crashes during indexing.

- Added an option to esense.erl to read the input file list from the
standard input. This can be used for example to index only HTML
files from the OTP source tree:

find <otp-src-dir> -name "*.html" | -files-from-stdin

If this option is used the cache directory can be specified only if
a file name is also given on the command line, because the cache
directory is an argument not an option (handling of options with
parameters is not implemented yet). If anyone cares about this
submit a patch.

Also, empty list indicators are printed to the standard output by
Erlang when reading from the standard input and I don't know how to
make them disappear. Everything works fine, but it looks a bit

- Added some instructions about running ESense on an OTP version
earlier than R10B.

- Added instructions about activating ESense automatically.
(thanks to Mats Cronqvist)

- If a module is not found in the index, but there is a corresponding
index file on the disk then try to the add the module to the index on
the fly.
(contributed by Andrey Grigoriev)

- Electric commands are not triggered if cursor is in a string or
(contributed by Andrey Grigoriev)

- Handling file paths containing references to parent directories
(contributed by Andrey Grigoriev)

- The first tooltip is not hidden immediately anymore when
esense-completion-display-method is set to 'frame.
(contributed by Andrey Grigoriev)

- Menu bar is taken into account when calculating popup position.
(contributed by Andrey Grigoriev)

The current solution is still not perfect, so those who have the
menubar turned on may still experience problems with popup

- On Windows the height of the title bar is also considered when
calculating position of popup windows. Make sure the variable
esense-titlebar-height is set to the proper value, otherwise the
position of popups will not be calculated properly.
(contributed by Andrey Grigoriev)

Posted by Tom 2005-06-06

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